The Causes of Yellow Nails

So you’ve noticed that your nails are seemingly more yellow each time you look at your feet.  What could possibly be the cause of the ugly yellow nails you ask?  Well, you’re most likely not going to like the answer.  However, there are a number of things that you can do about it.  The answer is that you most likely have some degree of nail fungus.  Left untreated, the symptoms will continue to worsen.  Therefore, it’s imperative to the health of your toe and finger nails that you take action immediately to stop the spread of yellow nails in its tracks.Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are the result of nail fungus.  The methods of contracting nail fungus vary, however, the most common species of fungi that cause nail fungus is called Trichophyton rubrum.  This particular type of fungus has a tendency to infect the skin and often cause yellow nails, a.k.a. nail fungus.  The fungus infects the nail bed causing the unsightly yellow discoloration and thickening of the nails.  Fungi thrive in warm, dark, moist places which makes socks, shoes and stockings the perfect catalyst for nail fungus.

How to Prevent Yellow Nails

You can also become infected with nail fungus via person to person contact.  This often occurs in shared places like apartments, health club locker rooms pool showers or the boards that nail salons use.  Once the nail fungus burrows into your nail bed the nails will turn yellow and the fungus will become difficult to eliminate.  When you see yellow nails, you need to seek a solution ASAP.  The longer you let the nail fungus fester the more difficult it will be to kill.

How to Cure Yellow Nails

There are a number of natural remedies for nail fungus.  My particular favorite remedy for yellow nails is called Zetaclear and it works as a combination of a solution and spray.  The solution is applied directly to the yellow nails and the spray is absorbed directly into the bloodstream to attack the root of the nail fungus.  The average person using Zetaclear experiences results within the first 7 to 10 days of use.  It’s a natural solution that can be used for both finger and toe nails.  You can learn more about this excellent cure for yellow nails here…

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